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Acer ITS Incorporated.

Pursue for a better lifestyle

Acer ITS Inc.

Acer ITS is a subsidiary of Acer Group. It is the largest provider of smart bus validator and smart roadside parking system. Abide by the principle of Acer Group to ESG and environmental sustainability, Acer ITS develops various smart city related solutions applying multi-payment technologies from public transportation system to vehicles and expanding them to all different scenarios of our life.

To fulfill the needs of transportation for people in the smart city, Acer ITS persists in continuing evolution and spirit of pursuing excellence to provide smart transportation solutions that meet the lifestyle of smart age. Furthermore, we would like to devote ourselves to create value toward economy, environment and society.

Multi-Payment Application

The use cases of multi-payment solutions are applied to various scenario, such as bus, light rail, rehabilitation bus and expand to the use of local merchants.

Smart Roadside Parking

The largest commercial operation in Taiwan. The smart parking meter integrates EV charger and combines PAKU APP for automatic payment to make up a delight parking experience.

Smart Off-Street Parking

Provide complete support of payment device, backend system, reconciliation process, remote services and service operation. 


The top Maas service provider in Taiwan: Intelligent life, holistic service 


Payment plays an important role in our life. It is now and will be in the future. The appearance of payment service keeps evolving because of extensibility of people’s needs and progress of technologies.  The key is how to make a balance between the personal needs of payment and technology development. Our vision is to establish a multi-payment service platform that meets the needs of the society.

"PA"KU Managemnet Platform

Acer ITS combines payment with bus, light rail, taxi, rehabilitation bus, on-street and off-street parking, library, medical care, bicycle sharing to gradually change the ecology of multi-payment service. Transform transportation and multi-payment from a simple tools to the leading role and make transportation become the real mobility as a service (MaaS).

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PASS -  Intelligent Transportation

The leading vendor of bus validator and smart parking meter with strong development and operation capability to promote multi-payment and intelligent transportation in Taiwan.

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PARKING - Intelligent Parking

Establish intelligent on-street, off-street cloud management platform for local governments, parking operators and drivers to provide efficient, intelligent parking solutions.

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PAY – Multi-Payment Platform

Provide people convenient, safe payment experience and service to help intellectualize and sustainably develop our city for a delightful life-style.

Our Mission
◆ Provide one-stop shopping total solution from device, backend system, cash flow to operation. 
◆ Provide intelligent, cloud services based on the requirements from operators. 
◆ Bring efficient and intelligent services and benefits to the smart city



23F., No. 94, Sec. 1, Xintai 5th Rd., Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City 221 , Taiwan (R.O.C.) 

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