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Acer Synergy Tech

Acer Synergy Tech Corp. (AST) was founded in September 2017. With 30 years of IT support experience and the comprehensive knowledge from our professional team, we are not only able to provide services including information integration and solution planning, but also enterprise infrastructure implementation and management. In recent years, combined with the integration of software and hardware and intelligent services, AST has actively launched the layout of new businesses, and introduced the black card-level enterprise service thinking into the company to implement AST's corporate culture.

     Our three core beliefs are value co-creation, extraordinary service, and lifelong commitment. In the future, with more partners, and based on the spirit of co-existence and common prosperity, we shall grow vigorously together.

New Taipei 3D GIS
Integrated Decision-making Platform

Combine four main functions

1.3D New Taipei City Basic Integration Application Platform

2.Engineering Management Dashboard

3.Disaster Prevention and Management Decision-making Dashboard

4.Big data analysis、cloud integration、spatial GIS 3D visualization

The combination of security and smart AI brings a protective and safe environment to the city

AST is good at software and hardware integration and smart services, providing a smart and safe city. The AI surveillance solution on display this time can not only analyze image information, but the system can also automatically send out alarms when abnormal conditions occur. This security system can be managed effortlessly, intelligently and efficiently. The extension can integrate various information in the city to achieve "active" management, and they can also be remotely monitored to improve security management efficiency.

**also combine information about Altos and Aopen solutions.

Define your own "abnormal" situations

You can perform any of the following actions in front of the camera, and the system will record and automatically notify the battle situation Dashboard.

 (1) Open the five fingers of your hand and then make a fist (like comparing five to zero) -

 (2) show numbers with your fingers(password 123)

 (3) Squat

For this solutions, we also integrate 'skeletal analysis' to achieve more accurate analysis.

Crowd control, integrating electrical appliances IoT

Detect the current number of people in the reception area through the camera lens

When the number of people is 1-5, set the air volume to 1

When the number of people is 6-10, set the air volume to 2

When the number of people is 11-15, set the air volume to 3

parking lot demo.png

Digital twin in Parking Space

We apply this technology into parking lots to enhance overall efficiency through monitoring parking space utilization, vehicle dwell times, and pedestrian traffic, among other factors. Here are several usage scenarios:


(1) Illegal Parking

(2) Long Queues at Payment

(3) Vehicles lingering at the exit

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