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Acer Being Communication Technology Inc.

After many years in the PC business, Acer is transforming itself into a hardware, software, and service company. Within the group, Acer Being Communication Co., Ltd is a company focusing on Business IoT solutions.

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Smart Home Care - IoMT

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) refers to a network of connected medical devices, applications, and smart home devices that collect and share health data. During video calls via a smartphone and an access control system based on the IoMT infrastructure, real-time occupant's data such as daily sentiment will be collected to analyze the NPI: Neuropsychiatric Inventory. Widespread adoption of IoMT technology in communities will lead to improved preventive care, better chronic disease management, lower costs, and improved health outcomes, allowing for earlier diagnosis and treatment, fewer hospital visits and more coordination of care becomes easier the IoMT more efficient and personalized healthcare that empowers occupants and providers.

Smart Community

As an island nation, Taiwan faces threats of heavy rainfall from typhoons and plum rains annually. To combat extreme weather, Taiwan is accelerating the adoption of AI and IoT (AIoT) in smart cities and buildings. By 2025, over 80% of new smart communities will leverage AIoT extensively. The smart rainwater harvesting system exemplifies this, utilizing IoT to optimize water collection, purification, level monitoring, and integrating access control and backup power during typhoons. After rainfall, treated greywater is supplied for landscape irrigation. Such integrated AIoT solutions enhance urban resilience and sustainability against climate change, leveraging Taiwan's tech capabilities to build future-ready smart communities.

2024SCSE_02. Altos SmartCCTV Solution 複本.jpg
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Smart Flood Prevention

Smart flood prevention refers to the use of advanced technologies such as IoT, AI, and data analytics to monitor, predict, and mitigate flood risks. It involves real-time monitoring of water levels, weather conditions, and infrastructure status, as well as predictive modeling to anticipate potential flood events. By leveraging these technologies, smart flood prevention aims to improve early warning systems, enhance flood response strategies, and ultimately reduce the impact of floods on communities and infrastructure.


Smart Meter Reading Solutions

The Smart Meter Reader Solutions enhances real-time data access, empowering residents not only in public housing and community but also in enterprises and manufacturing to monitor all resource consumption including electricity, water, and gas instantly. With precise data insights, it fosters energy savings, advancing both cost efficiency and sustainable practices for the community. Embrace a greener future with smart meter reading solutions for eco-conscious living.


Smart Rainwater and Flood Storage System

Smart Flood Prevention for Sustainable Cities Enhances urban resilience with real-time flood intelligence. Built-in IoT flood facilities into the building, monitored through the Acer platform, providing instant weather updates and efficient flood control—a novel standard for urban sustainability and climate responsiveness.


IoMT: The Internet of Medical Things

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) refers to the network of connected medical devices and applications that collect and share health data. This includes wearables, remote monitoring equipment, and telemedicine apps. The IoMT has the potential to transform healthcare by gathering real-time patient data like NPI, enabling earlier diagnosis and treatment, reducing hospital visits, and facilitating care coordination. Widespread adoption of IoMT technologies in communities can lead to more preventative care, improved chronic disease management, decreased costs, and better health outcomes. However, privacy and security measures must be in place to protect sensitive medical information. Overall, the IoMT promises more efficient and personalized healthcare that empowers patients and providers.

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