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Acer Gadget Technology Inc.

As a subsidiary of Acer Group, Acer Gadget Inc. is deeply committed to ESG principles, AI, and big data. We lead in creating products that convert kinetic energy into electrical power and offer energy storage solutions, aligning with our ESG objectives. Specializing in AI-driven eMobility solutions, we leverage machine learning to offer personalized riding experiences, continually evolving to meet diverse user needs.

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eMobility Solution

A network of mobility stations, nimble e-bikes and e-scooters available to ease journeys, along with tools such as data-informed urban planning and prediction of micro-mobility infrastructure, helping to increase transportation access for more people and support infrastructure planning within smart cities.

Kinetic Tech Solution

The Acer eKinekt Bike Desk 3 responds to modern people’s pursuit of sustainable energy and fitness. We offer this combination of power-generating bike and desk all-in-one, empowering both active and sustainable lifestyles.

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Metropolitan Energy Storage Solution

Seamlessly blending into cityscapes, our power stations enable users to efficiently manage energy, cutting carbon footprints and promoting environmental stewardship. With improved visibility on energy distribution, households can plan energy usage more effectively, optimizing resource utilization.



Surround Light

Front, rear and side lights provide you with extra safety at night.


Never Go Flat

Forget about constant maintenance. Air fom tires ensure you will never experience a flat-tire again.


ebii Box

The intelligent vehicle control box houses the battery pack and control box.


Collision Detection

Sensors that detect and alert the riders of oncoming cars or other objects to prevent



Removable Battery

Fast charging of only 2.5 hours to be back to 100% with up to 110 km of range.


Auto Lock

ebii’s wireless Bluetooth connection automatically locks your bike when you leave and unlocks it again when you’re nearby.


Acer ES Series 7

Dominant Performance: Conquer inclines with ease thanks to the robust 36V/500W hub motor.


Next-Level Stability: Dual-arm suspension system offers improved stability and a smoother ride experience.


Surpass Limits: Large battery capacity ideal for long trips or daily commutes without the worry of running out of power.


Unlimited Ride Time: Removable battery design allows flexibility for users to carry spare batteries for extended rides.


Instant Activation: Enjoy seamless performance right from the start, maximizing efficiency for users.


Acer 600W Portable Power Station

600W Portable Power Station: Revolutionize charging with our Fast-Charging Hub – under 2 hours for full charge, 9 AC+DC outputs, car battery charging, and seamless emergency backup in 14ms. Ideal for camping, outdoors, emergencies, and entertainment.

Acer Solar-Panel-100W.jpg

Acer 100W Foldable Solar Panel

Adopt sustainable energy with our 100W Solar Panel, featuring 23% conversion efficiency. Its adjustable stands enhance sunlight absorption, providing a portable, foldable, and swiftly deployable power solution.


Predator eNomad-R

Powerful Performance

Effortlessly conquer diverse landscapes with a 750W rear hub motor, ensuring a thrilling ride every time.


Built To Endure

Experience durability and comfort with an aluminum-alloy frame and dual front suspension, designed for enduring rides.


Enhanced Stability

Conquer any terrain with confidence using 20x4 inches fat tires, ensuring optimal traction and stability.


Versatile Gear Control

Seamlessly shift gears with the SHIMANO CUES 9-speed transmission, providing smooth and precise handling.


Connected Convenience

Stay in control and personalize your biking experiences with Bluetooth LE connectivity and smart Acer eMobility App for added convenience and customization.


Predator ES Series 7

Designed for style: The ambient light feature improves visibility, adding cool style details.


Speed Revolution: Enhance your ride with high-speed acceleration thanks to the 48V high output voltage.


Sprint Up with Ease: Effortlessly conquer steep inclines with a maximum slope of 15% for hill-climbing gradeability.


Dual Brake Assurance: Ensure safety in all riding conditions with front disc brake and rear E-ABS configuration.


Water-proof Protection: Built to thrive in various weather conditions, guaranteeing consistent performance regardless of the climate with its IPX5.


Acer 1800W Portable Power Station

Transform your charging experience with a Rapid Charging Hub, delivering a full charge in less than 2 hours. Featuring 11 AC+DC outputs, this portable powerhouse ensures seamless emergency backup. Ideal for camping, outdoors and entertainment, it's your steadfast companion for staying connected on-the-go!


Acer ES Series 1

Powerful Motor
A robust 36V/250W motor for a smooth ride, be it flat or uphill.



Maximum distance w/o charging 15-23km.


Solid Tires

Tires ensure you will never experience a flat-tire again.


3 Speed Modes

Switch effortlessly: 6 km/h for leisure, 10 km/h for commuting, and 20 km/h for speed.


LCD Display

The display clearly shows speed, battery level, and other data.


Acer eKinekt BD 3

Work & Study, Empowered

Charge mobile devices as users pedal for dual productivity and exercise.


Fully Featured

2 USB Type-A, 1 USB Type-C, bag hook, and beverage holder.



Available Working and Sports Modes allow users to shift between work and workout positions.


Designed for Sustainability

Eco-friendly with PCR Plastic for an active and green lifestyle.


Acer eKinekt App

Track ride duration, distance, speed, calories burned, and watts generated.


Acer 3000W Portable Power Station

Enhance your charging with a Swift-Charging Hub boasting 12 AC+DC outputs, ensuring seamless emergency backup. Versatile for camping, outdoor, home emergencies, and entertainment. Featuring a pull handle and wheels, easily maneuver up to 6 expansion batteries for added convenience.

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